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Carole Michaud
Interview  | 

“Post and Pray is not enough.”


Carole Michaud
Senior Consultant - Employer Brand, Talent Attraction & Solutions Strategies

In times of digital transformation, collecting and evaluating data seems to be key to success. How can data help to pinpoint good and passionate employees?

A human interview partner is still needed to determine if an employee is passionate about a role. LinkedIn can point HR decision makers in the right direction regarding “good” employees though: Recruiters can search for skills and qualifications and look at recommendations members choose to make public. These are valuable insights for any company. Recruiters can filter their search according to their needs, create a profile of the ideal employee, and receive suggestions for suitable candidates based on the given information.

What is your vision of good employer branding and talent intelligence?

Today’s job market differs a lot from previous years. The “post a job offer and pray that the right candidate will respond” model is not enough anymore, as skilled professionals are scarce and can pick the employer that fits them best. Companies need to create a strong employer brand that communicates their values and culture.

A great employer brand makes it easy for potential candidates to answer the questions: “Would I fit in there? Would we be a great match?” Great talent intelligence will point recruiters in the right direction – even when it comes to location decisions. Your company wants to open a new office? LinkedIn can tell you which city has the right talent for you.

However, there might also be challenges when it comes to preparing for talent intelligence. What are these?

Human specialists are the key factor when it comes to implementing and using talent intelligence. Insights need to be put into context and interpreted. Insights will help decision makers but won’t replace the human factor. HR is all about people. Talent insights is all about making everyone’s life easier and enabling all parties to make better, well-informed decisions.

What solutions do you provide to successfully improve the recruitment process of companies?

LinkedIn solutions are designed to connect recruiters with ideal candidates in a quick and easy way by leveraging the insights from our worldwide talent pool. Our “Recruiter” solution enables recruiters to filter their search for the skills they are looking for and create a profile of their ideal candidate among the 575 million users worldwide.

Recruiters are also able to see which candidates are open to be approached for new jobs and can easily pre-select and engage professionals. “Job Slots” allows companies to target their job ads specifically to qualified users and, therefore, attracting attention of top candidates. Real-time analysis provides recruiters with insights on who has seen the ads and who then continued to apply for the position.

Are you curious? Then don't miss Carole Michaud’s lecture on "Employer Branding in the Era of Talent Intelligence" on Wednesday, October 3 from 11.30am to 12.15pm in Forum 1 of the Salon RH Suisse 2018.

About Carole Michaud:

In her current position at LinkedIn, Carole is helping companies value and leverage their talent brand in the French region to engage the best people through effective storytelling.

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