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Clement Cohen
Interview  | 

“In my recent summary of studies, it was confirmed that overwork and lack of sense of purpose bring to burnout rapidly.”

Performant Group

Clément COHEN
Performant Group

“In my recent summary of studies, it was confirmed that overwork and lack of sense of purpose bring to burnout rapidly.”

Clément Cohen is speaker at the upcoming Salon RH Suisse. In the interview he explains why it can come to stress overload in everyday business life and gives advice on good time and self-management.

Your conference theme “Crazy-Busy – Self-inflicted inferno. How to get out of it!” is a hot topic in everyday business life. How does it come to these situations?

Most people are busy mainly because they want to do a good job. They are diligent, great team-players and can’t let others down. The problem is, some people take advantage of these wonderful qualities. This is how good people with good intentions end up living someone else’s agenda.

Your recommended maxim is “Don’t work hard. Work smart”. Can you give some advice on good time and self-management?

To make your task list work for you effectively, evaluate each item in terms of IMPACT and TIMELINE. Items of HIGH IMPACT & SHORT-TERM come first, HIGH IMPACT & LONG TERM become part of strategic plan, and middle range gets done opportunistically. The result is, you focus on delivering impact and nothing falls through the cracks.

At the corporate level: What can companies do to ensure that their employees stay focused and continue to perform well when stress levels are rising?

The biggest time-eaters are meetings and emails. In many organizations people run from one meeting to another, plow through their emails and finally get some work done after hours. On a company level, you can put in place some “rules” for it. For instance, our module Brilliant Meetings shows how to run the right meeting for the right purpose. Our clients experience reduction of meeting time by 30% to 50%.

For emails, texts and phone calls we have “How to best communicate with me” templates, easily adapted and adopted by all. The result is 60% less email, 30% less interruptions, and 100% attentiveness in decision making. All this significantly reduces stress and increases performance.

Especially employee burnout is a major issue when it comes to this topic. What makes employees realize that they are getting sick from stress and when to call a halt before it’s too late?

We are extremely concerned about it, especially since in most cases it is very difficult to catch the moment. In my recent summary of studies, it was confirmed that overwork and lack of sense of purpose bring to burnout rapidly. In the zero-sum economy, it is almost a norm that we perform “some tasks” rather than contribute meaningfully.

Try to connect what you do to a purpose and personal values. And if you lack the sense of purpose and empowerment at work, think how to healthily compensate for it with a nice hobby or a heartwarming relationship.

Are you curious? Then don't miss Clément Cohen’s lecture on "Crazy-Busy – Self-inflicted inferno. How to get out of it” on Wednesday, 3rd October 2018 from 12.25 pm to 12.55 pm in Forum 3 of the Salon RH Suisse.

About Clément Cohen:

Clément COHEN is a serial entrepreneur and founded Performant Group in Switzerland in 2012 out of desire to help others “keep people challenged, happy at work and continuously out-perform almost everyone else."

Prior to that, he built Scala, a $275 million publicly listed enterprise, from a handful of people into a 1'500-strong company within 6 years, with offices in 35 countries. In his role as a COO, he founded a corporate university and attributes his success to the High Performance Teams program developed there. Clement served as Corporate Strategy Officer at an NGO specializing in innovation, a Non-Exec Director and a Board Coach.  He is a named partner at Cohen & Simons, specializing in turn-around and restructuring. Clément is a Chartered Engineer from Warwick University where he won "The Plessy Industry Award" and holds post-graduate degrees in management from Westminster University and London Business School.
​Clément speaks English, German, Spanish and French.

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