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Linda Jaquillard
Interview  | 

“When a company hires the right person for a job, that person should make a positive impact on the company! “


Linda Jaquillard
Finders SA

In the interview, Linda Jaquillard, Director of Finders SA, refers to the changes in the business world. She talks about the development of the recruitment and how this has changed the quality and the processes of Finders, e.g. by introducing improved interview techniques. She explains to what companies should pay special attention when recruiting.

1. Le monde du travail change – tous et toutes en parlent. Dans quelle mesure il change à votre avis et quels sont les grands changements qui vont de pair ?

The whole world is changing so it’s only normal that work is having to adapt, too! One of the unfortunate changes in my opinion is that each employee is being squeezed to do the work of 2-3 people (if not more) in order to cut costs and increase margins.

2. Finders a été fondé en 1990. Comment est-ce que vos tâches ont changé ? Comment était le recrutement à l’époque – et comment est-il aujourd’hui ?

The major change is that what used to be done via paper is now done electronically. So adverts appear on social networks and recruiting platforms as opposed to newspapers and specialised magazines. We also present our shortlist via links, or e-mails as opposed to sending out the good old paper versions. I am happy to say however, that the quality and the process remains the same if not improved! At Finders we have introduced improved interviewing techniques (CBI), we run assessments centres for finalist candidates (role-plays) and a case study approach for executive recruitment - all in an effort to increase the quality of our evaluation and recommendation.

3. Comment décririez-vous votre rôle en tant que recruteur?

A business advisor and partner. When a company hires the right person for a job, that person should make a positive impact on the company – bottom line or service level.

4. Qu’est-ce que les entreprises en Suisse peuvent améliorer concernant le recrutement? Où découvrez-vous souvent des points faibles ?

All too often, companies do not have a clear vision of the profile they are recruiting. The profile we are asked to search for changes along the recruitment process, or they end up hiring more senior than they originally planned. If a company takes the time to look at business goals and decide what profile will best fit to meet those goals – the entire process would be more efficient and rapid, resulting in a real value added addition to the team.

5. Qu'attendez-vous de votre participation au Salon RH ? Les visiteurs, ils peuvent espérer quoi?

At Finders we are constantly trying to innovate to better meet the needs of our clients. This year, we have developed several new services in the area of Talent Management and we are looking forward to presenting these to our clients and hopefully new clients during the Salon RH 2017.

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